Tender Results and Announcements


It is to be recalled that we have signed a Contract agreement with Oromia Roads and Logistics Bureau (ORLB) to carry out the Construction of Gimbi Integrated Bus Terminal. Accordingly, on this time we are going to commence the construction works with full potential via different delivery methods. Rather than commencing the construction works by own-force, subletting parts of the work is one method of our delivery method.

Accordingly; on this time, we want to sublet parts of the excavation works of the referred project. Therefore, we want you to post on our Company’s Website Notification for interested contractors to submit their company profile for our evaluation and further action.

  1. Type of work:- Clearing, Excavation and related works
  2. Any legal Contractor who have all renewed eligibility documents with GC/BC 5 and above for this fiscal:
  • Category: GC-5 or BC-5 and above;
  • Renewed license for this fiscal year;
  • Renewed trading license for this fiscal year;
  • VAT Registered.
  • Valid tax clearance certificate
  • Competency certificate
  • The contractor registration certificate shall be renewed for this fiscal year etc
  1. A company Who have work experience around the project site is more encouraged

So, any interested bidder shall submit their full Company Profile including (but not only) their testimonies, Personnel CV, Financial standing, machinery and etc within 15 calendar days to our Head office.

Walabu Construction Share Company have the right to reject any/parts of the work


Waajjirri keenya gita hojii armaan gaditti eerame irratti humna namaa dorgomsiisee Waajjira Olaanaatti qacaruu barbaada. Kanaaf namootni ulaagaa dorgommiif kaa’ame guuttan hundi guyyaa eerame keessatti bakka eerametti galmaa’uu kan dandeessan ta’uu isin beeksisna.

Gita Hojii Sadarkaa Barumsaa Muuxannoo Hojii Miindaa Baay’ina
Hojjetaa hojii poostessaa Mootoraa TD/10+2, 10+1, kutaa 8/10 fi isaa ol fi Heyyama Mootora Oofuu 0,1,3 5,493 1


Namootni yoo xinnaate ulaagaa armaan olitti eerame guuttan hanga guyyaa 26/09/2013 sa’a hojiitti ragaa barumsaa, muuxannoo hojii fi kan biroo oriijinaalaa fi koppii kan hin deebine qabachuudhaan qaamaan argamtanii galmaa’uu kan dandeessan ta’uu isin beeksisna.

Bakki Galmee:-  Waldaa Aksiyoona Ijaarsa Walaabuu Waajjira Olaanaa Magaalaa Finfinnee bakka addaa Labuu Mana Muuziqaa ; Baankii Daldala Itiyoophiyaa (Dame Eertuu Labuu fuuldura) gamoo jirru irra ta’ee darbii 5ffaa dha.

Hubachiisa: - Afaan Oromoo sirriitti dubbachuu, dubbisuu fi barreessuun dirqama.




Rapidiously orchestrate one-to-one imperatives with covalent core competencies. Compellingly procrastinate excellent e-commerce whereas principle-centered expertise. Progressively brand compelling architectures before optimal ideas. Dynamically evisculate high-payoff leadership and leading-edge customer service. Dynamically parallel task enabled materials whereas value-added markets.


Date:10th October 2019


 To:                  Every Interested Project Management Consultancy Services Providers

 Ref:                 Consultancy Services for the Implementation of Project Management System

Sub:                Call for Expression of Interest  

Dear Sirs,

 Walabu Construction Share Company is Grade one general contractor inaugurated in January 2018 and currently working on industrial park development projects in Ethiopia.

As part of learning organization and to be competitive enough in the construction industry, we have planned to implement concise project management system. Moreover, to be a leading as well as long lasting company, implementing system that considers future aspects is very important. In this regard, we have planned to get technical consultancy assistance from overseas project management consulting company.

Hence, we hereby kindly request your good office to submit your expression of interest and company profile within 30 days up on the receipt of this call for expression of interest so that we can proceed with the said works after evaluating your profile.

Sincerely Yours,